Medical Claims Management Services

Saving you time and aggravation…

Use our Medical Claims management services to track your medical out-of-pocket costs, troubleshoot Medicare claim denials, assist in filing appeals, and to confirm your doctors get paid.

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CS AdvoCare provides monthly reporting of medical services provided to you.  CS AdvoCare oversees your medical claims and any payments made to providers.  CS AdvoCare provides a monthly and/or annual statement for you to review, outlining all medical services received and any out-of-pocket expenses associated with those services.  Our easy to read reporting keeps it simple and allows for you to keep track of your medical services throughout the year, is a useful tool in filing your annual tax returns, and reassures you that your out-of-pocket costs are accounted for.

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CS AdvoCare ensures that when you are faced with large number of medical bills resulting from an illness, accident, lengthy hospital stay, or extended outpatient process; you can rest assured knowing that your insurance plans are billed and paying appropriately.  CS AdvoCare takes the confusion out of reading your ‘Explanation-of-Benefits’ statements (EOBs), allowing you to spend time healing rather than worrying about the details.

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CS AdvoCare assists clients with opening a Long Term Care claim and can provide assistance with the submission for reimbursement of eligible medical expenses.  CS AdvoCare provides an analysis of your Long Term Care policy to help you understand your benefits and determining when to use them.

Our Medical Claims Management services include:

  • An analysis of your policy so you know what medical insurance benefits you are entitled to receive
  • Tracking of medical claims through your insurance providers
  • Submission or troubleshooting health insurance claims
  • Monitoring your medical claims to ensure they are paid in a timely manner
  • Investigations of coverage denials or benefit reductions
  • Reporting of annual out-of-pocket medical costs
  • Reporting of monthly services received and out-of-pocket liability
  • Submission and tracking of Long Term Care policy claims