Medicare and Social Security Benefits Consulting

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Use our Medicare and Social Security Benefit Consulting services to help guide you in your decision making process.


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CS AdvoCare advises individuals and businesses on Medicare and Social Security benefits.  CS AdvoCare can review existing policies, recommend new policies, and assist in the enrollment process.  CS AdvoCare will learn about your specific health insurance needs and propose changes to your current coverage including; Medicare Part A and B, Medicare Supplemental insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, and Long Term Care coverage.  Because we don’t sell insurance products, CS AdvoCare provides you with an unbiased, objective analysis and recommendation for coverage to fit your needs.

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CS AdvoCare can review your Medicare Part D prescription plan coverage options annually during Open Enrollment season to make sure your Medicare Part D coverage fits your current prescription needs.  Annual Open Enrollment runs from October 15th thru December 7th, so don’t wait to call us!!

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CS AdvoCare also offers educational seminars which includes a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session with a Medicare and Social Security entitlement benefits specialist who can teach you and your employees the fast facts about benefits and eligibility.  The sessions are designed to address your company’s retiree benefits including rules and regulations regarding HSAs, retiree plans, secondary carriers, group coverage, and how they relate to Medicare benefits.

Our Benefit and Eligibility Consulting Services include:

  • Retirement pre-planning options for Social Security benefits
  • Medicare planning and analysis of coverage options
  • Explaining Medicare, Medigap Supplements, and Medicare Advantage
  • Review and recommendation for Medicare Part D coverage
  • Review and analysis of specialized insurance products including Long Term Care plans
  • Employer / Employee ‘Lunch & Learn’ Seminars
  • Troubleshooting Medicare late enrollment penalties
  • Review of current and future Social Security benefits including; spousal benefits, file/suspend benefits, early and delayed retirement benefits, death benefits, and survivor benefits
  • Information surrounding PERA, Civil Service, Long-Term Disability, VA pensions and how those benefits affect Social Security