Accounting and Financial Care Management Services

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Use our financial care management services to help restore your financial peace-of-mind.



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CS AdvoCare helps you regain control of personal finances by providing accounting and financial care management services.  All of us may face a time in our lives when we are unable to manage our personal financial affairs for ourselves, or for a loved one, due to an illness, failing eyesight, busy schedules, work, or family commitments.  CS AdvoCare’s accounting services ensure that your bills are paid on time, bank accounts are reconciled, taxes are filed, and your budget goals are met and maintained.

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CS AdvoCare provides bookkeeping services either in the comfort of your own home or within the security of our offices.  CS AdvoCare will make visits to your home to provide our bookkeeping services by assisting in bill paying, bank reconciliations, and tracking expenses for tax reporting purposes.  CS AdvoCare interprets confusing investment account statements, helps by speaking to your CPA on your behalf during tax season, communicates with your investment advisers, and relays information to your Attorney as needed in accordance with your Estate Plan.

Contact us now for an agent to serve as Power-of-Attorney or Court appointed Conservator!

CS AdvoCare serves as a Neutral 3rd Party Professional Fiduciary including; Power-of-Attorney for either financial or medical decision making, Trustee for small trusts, Court appointed Conservator for probate cases, Representative Payee for Social Security or VA benefits, or Personal Representative for Estates.  CS AdvoCare prepares all financial court reports including financial plans and inventories, budgets for both current and future, and annual financial accounting.

Contact us now for administrative services if you have been named as an agent for a loved one!

CS AdvoCare provides administrative services for parties who have been appointed, or nominated, and need assistance in completing the associated tasks.  CS AdvoCare helps when you don’t want to give up your role as agent but need professional guidance.  Colorado Probate procedures can be a nightmare to navigate alone.  CS AdvoCare provides mentoring services and assistance to keep you on track in your new role as a Fiduciary.

Contact us now for guidance with Medicaid planning!

CS AdvoCare provides spend-down planning options when applying for public benefits including Medicaid health insurance benefits, PACE, HCBS, and Long Term Care Medicaid.  CS AdvoCare assists with the completion of the Medicaid application and in maintaining your Medicaid financial eligibility.

Our Accounting and Financial Care Management Services include:

  • Bill paying
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Tax Document organization
  • Banking
  • Court reporting through Financial Plans, Inventories, and Annual Accounting’s
  • Financial Audits
  • Court Appointed Conservator
  • Power-of-Attorney
  • Trustee
  • Personal Representative
  • Administrative Support services
  • Medicaid spend-down planning and application assistance
  • Planning for incapacity
  • Estate planning